2018-2019 Single-Year Grants

47 Single-Year Grants, $332,139.62

African Youth Alliance Common Initiative Group

2018 | Cameroon | 2018-1584
Grant Amount: $6,891

Women from the Kom tribe in the Boyo Division of North West Cameroon are unable to own land or property and are marginalized by persistent local norms. Sometimes, they even face physical and sexual abuse by the successors of their husbands’ properties. African Youth Alliance Common Initiative Group will improve the advocacy and leadership skills of 30 women leaders from 10 women’s groups of the Kom tribe. These leaders will then train over 400 female members from their various groups to report cases of gender-based violence. With funding from VGIF, this project intends to see 60% of the 30 women champion advocates gain a permanent seat on traditional councils, so that they will be able to regularly report cases of gender-based violence and advocate for women’s rights at the level of village traditional authorities.

Center for Youth Education and Economic Development

2018 | Cameroon | 2018-2258
Grant Amount: $7,500

Nearly 90% of women and girls in Bamenda, Cameroon associate careers involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with men. While many young girls believe that these subjects are too complex or abstract for them, the Center for Youth Education and Economic Development (CYEED) plans to breakdown harmful stereotypes and empower young girls to engage in STEM education at school, participate in competitions, and gain valuable insights into STEM careers from knowledgeable mentors. With support from VGIF, this project will strengthen the communities’ capacity to provide equal access to and opportunities in STEM careers.

Community Volunteer Center

2018 | Cameroon | 2018-1761
Grant Amount: $4,917.80

In Cameroon, women have recently begun engaging in the cultivation of cash crops, like cocoa. However, they have yet to see an increase in cocoa production and higher levels of income generation. Community Volunteer Center will identify 150 female cocoa farmers to train in improved and sustainable agricultural practices. The women will also receive seedlings to produce more crops and technical assistance to ensure that they are able to increase their cocoa yields by at least 5%. Through VGIF’s funding, this project will improve income generating capacities among female coca farmers, allowing them to come one step closer to financial independence.

Jeunes Methodistes Libres Pour Le Developpement

2018 | Democratic Republic of Congo | 2018-2450
Grant Amount: $7,450

According to a local NGO working on women’s rights in the South-Kivu area of DRC, 4 out of 10 families in the Mikenge and Kipupu villages have a ‘girl-mother’. 62% of these girl mothers never had the opportunity to complete primary school. Due to limited income-generating skills, many of these young girls end up engaging in survival sex work and/or subsistence agriculture to meet basic needs. Jeunes Methodistes Libres Pour Le Developpement will train 120 single mothers and widows in agribusiness, dressmaking and the self-help group approach to raise their incomes to meet the needs of their families. Project participants will also learn to apply reproductive health methods to prioritize family planning and safe sex. With VGIF funds, 120 girls under the age of 20 years old will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to expand their earning potential to create a brighter future.

Pillar to Vulnerable Women Active in DR Congo (PIFEVA)

2018 | Democratic Republic of Congo | 2018-1954
Grant Amount: $7,500

The city of Bukavu, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, continues to be plagued by “Ndogo-Ndogo”, which translates to “the sexual exploitation of girls by adults”. In response to this, Pillar to Vulnerable Women Active in DR Congo (PIFEVA) has been working with survivors in the area. They identified 147 female survivors who will receive literacy and vocational training, as well as psycho-social support. Through VGIF funds, this project will contribute to the social, professional and economic protection and reintegration of these women and girls by helping them overcome past physical and emotional trauma, while paving a clear path forward.

Vocational Training Center for Youth in Destress (CEPROJED asbl)

2018 | Democratic Republic of Congo | 2018-1573
Grant Amount: $7,497

Women and girls in many of the villages in Uvira Territory, Democratic Republic of Congo, continue to face insecurity due to ongoing militarization. A staggering statistic reveals that 1 to 2 women or girls in this area face sexual assault each day. Vocational Training Center for Youth in Destress (CEPROJED asbl) will train survivors of sexual violence by armed groups in sewing and provide them with starter kits to begin practicing the trade. With VGIF’s support, this project will help these women and girls gain essential economic freedom to combat the stigma that they face from the community and even their own families.

Change Agents for Africa

2018 | Gambia | 2018-2469
Grant Amount: $7,250

In Gambia, more than 60% of people live in poverty and 30% of the active labor force is currently out of work. In order to strengthen the capacity of Gambians to rebuild their country, there has been a shift in focus to improved performance in STEM subjects. Change Agents of Africa will contribute to this mission by providing intensive training to 250 girls who plan on taking the West African Examination Council (WAEC) test in the sciences to be considered for admittance into tertiary institutions. Also, 250 additional women and girls will participate in a leadership development summer camp and STEM competitions. Through VGIF funding, this project will support the next generation of young Gambians to pursue careers in STEM and contribute to the national economy.

Indepth Harvest Awareness

2018 | Gambia | 2018-2483
Grant Amount: $7,450

In Gambia, there are over 100 women-led organizations. Yet, there remains a lack of coordination among organizations with different areas of intervention due to a lack of planning, short-sightedness and inadequate funding. Indepth Harvest Awareness will mentor and train 180 women leaders from various NGOs, CBOs, and cooperatives, publish a leadership development training manual, and launch an interactive training website to connect female leaders from across the country. With VGIF’s support, this project will build the capacity of select female leaders in Gambia to work towards greater measurable change.

Hohoe Sankofa Women Co-operative Food Farmers and Marketing Society Limited

2018 | Ghana | 2018-1515
Grant Amount: $6,800                                                   

Climate change has transformed the way in which smallholder farmers plan their planting seasons. The current seasonal cycles, extreme weather, and unpredictable climate have particularly threatened food security in rural communities. Hohoe Sankofa Women Co-operative Food Farmers and Marketing Society Limited will teach 200 female farmers how to measure and report on weather information, use meteorological data to plan planting times, adopt climate-resilient agricultural practices like crop rotation to increase their yields, and reduce vulnerability to rain-fed agriculture through water harvesting and drip irrigation techniques. Through VGIF funding, this project will equip female smallholder farmers with the tools, technology and skills they will need to adapt to the continuing effects of climate change which threaten their food security.

Rural Women Association 

2018 | Ghana | 2018-1503
Grant Amount: $7,200

In the Pampawie community of Ghana, 75% of girls in the community are reported to be out of school, and 28% of girls have children before they turn 18. A lack of health education paired with cultural beliefs, taboos, and myths about women’s bodies creates an environment in which girls are not empowered to make informed decisions about their own bodies or learn about their health. Rural Women Association will empower 300 out-of-school adolescent girls by using sport to provide a safe space to impart menstrual hygiene knowledge and appropriate health management skills. Community leaders and heads of households will also be engaged in the project and address taboos, myths and barriers to providing water and sanitary facilities that promote menstrual hygiene. With support from VGIF, this project will empower these girls to take back control of their bodies and contribute to healthier futures.

Community Mobilization for Positive Empowerment (COMPE)

2018 | Kenya | 2018-2676
Grant Amount: $7,500

In West Uyoma, Kenya, girls end up walking about 2.5 kilometers daily to and from the lake before attending school, and often miss up to 5 days of class each month due to inadequate facilities to manage their menses. In support of girls’ education, Community Mobilization for Positive Empowerment will construct a 10,000 liter water tank and establish school health clubs at 4 rural schools in West Uyoma. They will also train 32 grassroots women group leaders to continue the construction of WASH facilities in the surrounding communities. With support from VGIF, this project will result in increased knowledge of menstrual hygiene and enhanced access to clean, safe and affordable water to at least 2,400 school going children.

Women Working with Women (3W)

2018 | Kenya | 2018-1651
Grant Amount: $7,499.97

When faced with violations of their human rights, many lesbian, bisexual, and queer (LBQ) women in Kenya find it difficult or shameful to report these claims for fear of being victimized by the police. Women Working with Women (3W) will hold workshops for LBQ women on gender-based violence, intimate partner violence, drug use and abuse, and leadership to improve health and wellness and reduce the levels of violence LBQ women face. They will also hold forums between LBQ women and police representatives to foster a stronger relationship between the two parties and train at least 30 police officers to respectfully take statements from LBQ women. With VGIF funding, this project will lay the foundation to support a positive relationship between police officers and LBQ women, resulting in a safer environment for all to live freely.

Young Africa Women Initiatives (YAWI)

2018 | Kenya | 2018-2132
Grant Amount: $7,500

A new law passed in Kenya in August of 2017 that banned the production, distribution, and possession of plastic bags. More than 500 women relied on this industry to feed their families, 90% of these families now have no other source of income. Young Africa Women Initiatives will equip 150 women in tailoring and entrepreneurial skills to produce and sell reusable tote bags to local stores – filling a critical gap in the market. Through VGIF funding, these women will be supported in the development of a new profitable business endeavor that will raise their standard of living and contribute to more environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic.

Girls Arise for Change

2018 | Malawi | 2018-2446
Grant Amount: $6,000

In Malawi, 46% of girls are married by the age of 18, and 29% of girls have already begun having children between the ages of 15 to 19. Girls Arise for Change will train 50 girls in fashion design, tailoring, business skills, and financial management. After they’ve acquired the knowledge they need to establish and manage small businesses, they will form into village loan groups comprised of 10 girls in each community to strengthen their saving and earning potential. With support from VGIF funds, this project will empower girls from rural communities with financial earning skills, so they are better equipped to stand up against barriers to their education, health and financial development.

Solidarity of Refugee Women for the Social Welfare (SOFERES)

2018 | Malawi | 2018-1555
Grant Amount: $6,840                                                                                                     

Malawi’s restrictive policies on freedom of movement and the right to employment limits refugees’ opportunities to earn a living. This is certainly the case in the Dzaleka refugee camp, where single mothers from Rwanda, Burundi, and the DRC have incredibly limited opportunities to gain useful skills that would allow them to provide for themselves and their families. Solidarity of Refugee Women for the Social Welfare will establish a tailoring training center in Dzaleka camp to provide vocational, business, and life skills classes, so participants are able to access the labor market to begin engaging in trade. Through VGIF’s support, 60 single refugee mothers will increase their cash incomes to meet the needs of their dependents.

Teams Advancing Women in Agriculture

2018 | Malawi | 2018-2473
Grant Amount: $6,957

In Mkulula, like other rural areas of Central Malawi, low education levels and high rates of child marriage limit opportunities for adolescent girls. TAWINA, an indigenous female youth-led organization, will train 40 Mkukula girls in basic computer skills, the internet, social media, cyber safety, and their legal rights, so they are more knowledgeable on how to best protect themselves against child marriage. With help from VGIF, these girls will increase their skill sets to become the next generation of leaders in Malawi.

Teen Mothers Initiative

2018 | Malawi | 2018-2455
Grant Amount: $7,500

In Malawi, girls face serious challenges in regards to accessing adequate education and information on their reproductive health and rights. The impact of this can be seen through statistics that report high incidences of early pregnancies and a staggering school dropout rate. Teen Mothers Initiative will recruit and train peer mentors in reproductive health training to improve the knowledge of 460 young women in the Nkhotakota District on their sexual and reproductive health. They will also organize “Change Point Camps” for out-of-school teen mothers to empower them with essential life skills, education support services to assist teen mothers with school work, and meetings with female role-models to foster positive action among teenage girls to return to and/or remain in school. Through VGIF’s support, this project will promote girls’ education, by empowering them with essential life skills and knowledge on their sexual and reproductive health rights.

Collaborative Living and Development Initiative (COLIDEIN)

2018 | Nigeria | 2018-1894
Grant Amount: $7,500                                                                                                        

Crude oil accounts for over 70% of the revenue generated in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria, but insecurity and violent conflict has stalled many of the economic activities that the local community had historically relied upon. In order to fight against hunger and poverty, Collaborative Living and Development Initiative will train 20 women from the Okrika community in fish and snail farming. Project participants will also be supported with training in business and financial management, marketing, and the establishment of a savings culture. Through VGIF funds, these women and girls will be empowered to diversify their sources of income and strengthen their capacity for subsistence living.

Enabled to Enable (E-ENABLE)

2018 | Nigeria | 2018-2289
Grant Amount: $7,000

Unemployment and poverty are significant challenges for families in Cross River State, Nigeria. These have only worsened over the past year, and E-Enable’s training center struggles to meet the needs of women and girls who come to them for help. Their VGIF-funded project will enable 200 women to increase their monthly income through a peer-led financial literacy and vocational training program, and by further equipping the center to better display new and existing products made by women. Knowing that teenage girls are in a particularly vulnerable stage of life, the project will also create a boot camp for 100 girls for training in leadership and entrepreneurship skills. This comprehensive approach will improve the lives of hundreds of the most vulnerable women and girls in Cross River State.

Lokiaka Community Development Centre

2018 | Nigeria | 2018-2130
Grant Amount: $7,396.20

Since the late 1950s, Ogoniland in Nigeria has been the site of oil industry operations, resulting in harmful environmental degradation and exploitation from continuous crude oil spills, burst pipelines, and well fires. With the Ogoni women grassroots farmers being particularly affected, the Lokaika Community Development Centre will promote sustainable agricultural practices by training 40 Ogoni women farmers to raise forest nurseries and increase their incomes in the process. Through VGIF funds, these women and girls can begin to pave a path that will help to restore their environment and future livelihoods.

NNA Dozie Integrated Development Foundation

2018 | Nigeria | 2018-1996
Grant Amount: $7,500

Members of the Olokoro community in Abia State, Nigeria face extremely high levels of poverty, unemployment and malnutrition, and it is often the women who are left responsible for meeting their families’ needs through subsistence farming. NNA Dozie Integrated Development Foundation will strengthen the ability of 50 women and girls to meet their basic needs by training them in poultry management practices, financial literacy and business skills. In order to strengthen their earning potential, participants will also be supported through increased access to markets. With the help of VGIF funds, this project will not only raise the standard of living for participants and their families, but also help meet critical nutritional needs within the community.

Odyssey Educational Foundation

2018 | Nigeria | 2018-2628
Grant Amount: $7,500

There is still a great need to increase the number of women holding tech positions globally. With an emerging IT sector in Nigeria, women are presented with a unique opportunity to enter the market with a specific skill set. Odyssey Educational Foundation will train 60 women and girls in basic online marketing strategies and coding skills, so that they will be able to apply this knowledge to their own website and application development. Through VGIF funds, these young women and girls will be able to enhance their businesses for a more secure future.

Women’s Cancer Prevention and Support for African Society (WOCAPSS-Africa)

2018 | Nigeria | 2018-2592
Grant Amount: $7,381.65                                                                                   

Breast and cervical cancer cause the highest number of cancer-related deaths among Nigerian women, yet there remains a lack of knowledge about these cancers and poor attitudes towards screening. Women’s Cancer Prevention and Support for African Society will improve awareness and knowledge for at least 5,000 women and girls in Ibadan on female-specific cancers, train women to conduct self-examinations, and provide health services to identify and treat breast and cervical cancers. With support from VGIF, this project will improve healthcare delivery to prevent and control female-specific cancers, while empowering women to take more control of their bodies and health.

Yalucare Foundation for Women and Youths

2018 | Nigeria | 2018-1602 Nigeria
Grant Amount: $7,500

According to UNICEF, one in ten school girls across Africa miss classes and/or drop out due to their menstrual periods. Yalucare Foundation for Women and Youths will construct a well, water tank, 6 water system toilets and hand washing stations in a school in Bende, Nigeria to aid menstrual hygiene management. The establishment of this WASH system will be supported by training 50 Peer Educators in menstrual health who will then share the information they’ve learned with their classmates, as well as a 3-day training course for 20 teachers from 10 select schools. With VGIF’s support, this initiative intends to see improved menstrual hygiene and a 30% increase in school enrollment, attendance and completion among adolescent girls attending school in rural communities of Bende.

Women Health Development

2018 | Rwanda | 2018-2150
Grant Amount: $6,800

In Rwanda, dominant taboos around sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) make it difficult for teenagers to ask for guidance and advice from knowledgeable health providers. In order to ensure that these teens are receiving critical information on pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, safe sex, and general sexual reproductive health topics, Women Health Development will establish a call center, train 35 peer educators on SRHR, identify a support plan for callers, equip the center with relevant resources, and advertise the service to the public through various media outlets and an awareness campaign. Through VGIF’s funding, this project will establish a crucial service that will provide young women and girls with sexual reproductive health knowledge and, if needed, link them up to healthcare providers.

Community Health Issues and Development Association

2018 | Tanzania | 2018-2287
Grant Amount: $6,950

Women living in the Ubungo slums in Tanzania face overwhelming challenges – extreme poverty, gender-based-violence, food insecurity, malnutrition and severe health problems such as HIV/AIDS. These are further exacerbated by a lack of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Community Health Issues and Development Association will train 25 women in mushroom growing, harvesting and marketing, so that they are able to establish their own growing centers and begin earning additional income. With VGIF’s support, this project will enhance 25 women’s ability to gain economic independence, helping them to meet basic needs and invest in greater entrepreneurial activities in the future.

Future Warriors Project Inc

2018 | Tanzania | 2018-2580
Grant Amount: $7,200

Maasai women who have migrated from a rural to urban setting in Arusha, Tanzania face both cultural and language barriers as they begin to participate in the cash economy. This transition can be stressful and isolating, which is why Future Warriors Project will create a safe space for 25 Masaai women to work together on their jewelry. These women will also be supported through legal assistance that will help them establish fair and profitable contracts, as well as increase their access to hotels across the country, so they are able to sell their goods for maximum profit. With support from VGIF, this project will empower 25 Maasai women in Arusha to create a beading network that will improve their quality of life and establish a platform for other Maasai migrants to earn an income in the future.

MikonoYetu Center for Creativity and Innovation

2018 | Tanzania | 2018-2237
Grant Amount: $7,500

As Tanzania continues to experience extreme flooding and droughts brought on by climate change, it has become clear that rural women remain disproportionately affected due to their limited access to resources and decision making processes. MikonoYetu Center for Creativity and Innovation will train 50 women in beekeeping, plant 8,000 trees in the community, and increase awareness among the community on the benefits of this project for longer-term environmental sustainability. With support from VGIF, this project will strengthen the capacity of rural women to increase their incomes while managing natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Basu Women Rural Savings and Credit Cooperative Society

2018 | Uganda | 2018-2145
Grant Amount: $7,389

Grandmothers in the Kasese District of Uganda often find themselves taking care of children from relatives who have passed away from HIV/AIDS, and face serious challenges when trying to feed anywhere between 7-10 additional mouths each day. Basu Women Rural Savings and Credit Cooperative Society will support these grandmothers by helping them improve their maize production through training on post-harvest techniques, marketing skills, and the village saving and loans methodology. With VGIF funding, this project will increase food security among participants’ families, raise incomes, and create a culture of saving in the community.

Kiwanyi Health Centre NGO

2018 | Uganda | 2018-1617
Grant Amount: $3,800

There have been an increasing number of maternal/neonatal deaths at Kiwanyi Health Center in the Iganga District of Uganda. In order to create a safer space for mothers and their new babies, Kiwanyi Health Centre NGO will install a solar energy and lighting system in the maternity ward to decrease the number of maternal/neonatal deaths. Through VGIF funds, this project will dramatically decrease the number of women and children losing their lives during nighttime deliveries.

Kyamuduma II Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd

2018 | Uganda | 2018-2352
Grant Amount: $7,291

In the remote mountainous areas of Kasese District, Uganda, 80% of school-aged girls from households headed by widows drop out of school to help their mothers meet the subsistence needs of their families. Kyamuduma II Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd. will train at least 100 widows in beekeeping, marketing, branding, and the Village Savings and Loan Association model to increase participants’ incomes through the production and distribution of bee products like honey and beeswax candles. Additionally, strong relations between the community and conservation agents will be promoted through sensitization meetings for enhanced environmental conservation. With VGIF’s support, this project will strengthen the capacity of female head of households to support the needs of their families so their girl children can return to school.

Public Health Ambassadors Uganda

2018 | Uganda | 2018-2333
Grant Amount: $7,500

Not knowing how to manage menstruation, or lacking the menstrual hygiene materials to do so, can cause girls to miss up to 4-5 school days each month, dramatically impacting their education. Public Health Ambassadors Uganda (PHAU) will train 4,000 school-aged girls in the Wakiso District on menstrual hygiene, health management, and the production of reusable sanitary pads. They will also increase school-aged children’s access to clean water and sanitation facilities by installing 2 water harvesting tanks and 10 hand washing facilities. With VGIF funding, this project will contribute to improved menstrual hygiene and health management among these girls, resulting in increased school attendance and better education outcomes for girls.

Women Empowerment and Livelihood Links

2018 | Uganda | 2018-2067
Grant Amount: $7,500

In the Jinja District of Uganda, women and girls face interconnected challenges such as poverty, malnutrition, and unsafe living conditions. Women Empowerment and Livelihood Links will provide vocational, financial and marketing training to 60 women and 30 girls in Jinja, many of whom are HIV positive/affected and suffering from related health ailments. The participants will form into 10 self-help groups to share experiences and discuss challenges, and a Village Savings and Loans Association will be established to promote a strong savings culture. With support from VGIF, it is anticipated that these women and girls will increase their incomes from 20,000 to 100,000 Ugandan Shillings a month – an increase that will allow them to meet basic and essential medical needs that would have otherwise been neglected.

Women in Action

2018 | Uganda | 2018-1606
Grant Amount: $7,500

In the Kayunga District of Uganda, women face extreme gender discrimination and are often viewed as having a much lower social status than men, which can lead to a lack of economic self-sufficiency and the inability to act independently. Rather than succumbing to these gender norms, Women in Action will train 120 women and girls in tailoring, so they can increase their skill sets to produce and sell shoes on the market. Participants will also gain access to credit and other opportunities to expand their businesses through the formation of two Village Saving and Loan Associations. With VGIF funds, these women will be supported in the creation of an entrepreneurial environment that will foster economic independence.


2018 | Zimbabwe | 2018-1527
Grant Amount: $7,500

The Mashonaland Central Province has the highest prevalence of early child marriages in Zimbabwe, standing at 51%, and violence against these girls is often perpetuated by their husbands and/or in-laws. ROOTS seeks to address these violations of human rights by training 200 former child brides to be peer educators, holding couples counseling sessions, conflict resolution workshops, community dialogues, and inter-generational forums. With support from VGIF, this project will work toward eliminating gender-based violence experienced by child brides in Mashonaland.

The Ara Trust

2018 | India | 2018-1483
Grant Amount: $7,500

Refugees fleeing unsafe conditions find themselves surrounded by an unfamiliar culture with little to no means of earning a livelihood; many struggle just to make ends meet. As India is host to one of the largest Afghan refugee populations in the world, the Ara Trust will identify 10 female refugee artisans and train them to develop marketable Afghan embroidery products that will then be sold on the Indian market. With support from VGIF, these women and girls will acquire the skills necessary to establish a new sustainable livelihood source to support themselves and their families.

Divya Jyoti Mahila Vikash

2018 | India | 2018-1705
Grant Amount: $7,500

An increasing dependence on chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides in rural Ganjam in India has not only led to the degradation of soil quality, but also to many health hazards that have affected entire communities. Divya Jyoti Mahila Vikash will train 50 women in organic farming techniques. At the end of the project they will be able to prepare, package, market, and sell organic manures to increase their annual household income and reduce health risks associated with chemical fertilizers. With support from VGIF, it is anticipated that this project will increase participants’ annual incomes by 20,000 rupees, while promoting healthier agricultural practices in the community.

Shibpur Idara Ittehad-ul-Khawateen

2018 | India | 2018-1987
Grant Amount: $7,500

Priya-Manna Basti was established as a shantytown in India in the early 1900’s to house migrant jute-mill workers. Little has changed for the nearly 40,000 people who still inhabit the town and have limited employment opportunities, no access to government healthcare centers, and a complete lack of sexual reproductive health (SRH) education. Shibpur Idara Ittehad-ul-Khawateen will train 150 women and girls in sewing, stitch craft and financial literacy to increase their monthly incomes. Participants will also engage in regular classes to gain essential SRH knowledge, as will their fathers and husbands. Through VGIF’s funding, these women and girls will be empowered economically, while increasing their overall health and wellness.

Vasantham Pengal Sangam

2018 | India | 2018-2241
Grant Amount: $6,400

In Tamil Nadu, India, the child mortality rate is 20 per 1,000 and more than half of adolescent girls aged 12-17 years suffer from anemia. Vasantham Pengal Sangam will increase the nutritional knowledge of 1,000 families from 20 villages in the area, train 800 families to create and tend to their own organic kitchen gardens, and improve the cooking and sanitation practices of 700 families. Through VGIF’s support, these individuals will gain essential nutritional knowledge to promote better health for themselves and their families.

VOC Rural Development Centre – VOCRDC

2018 | India | 2018-1801
Grant Amount: $7,180

Working in a quarry mine is extraordinarily dangerous – it ranks among the highest in terms of rate of injury for industrial occupations. In order to better protect female quarry mine workers, VOC Rural Development Centre will create a Stone Quarry Women Workers’ Health Right Defenders Forum. They will also hold monthly medical screenings and treatment camps in 23 target sites, and raise awareness across mining villages on health and human rights issues related to mining work. With VGIF funding, this project will create a safer workplace for women and girls living in the mining villages of the Madurai District in Tamil Nadu, India.

LEAP (Learn Empower Act Promote)

2018 | Pakistan | 2018-2687
Grant Amount: $7,070

The Faisalabad District is well known in Pakistan for its cases of extreme violence against women. In order to support women’s safety, Learn Empower Act Promote (LEAP) will raise awareness on women protection laws through theater presentations, various seminars, and the distribution of publications. Violence defender committees, an early warning system, referral mechanisms, and a ‘VGIF’ women’s helpline will be established to contribute to reducing cases of extreme violence in the area. Health workers will also receive training on trauma recovery and counseling to provide tailored psycho-social support to 200 violence survivors. With funding from VGIF, this project will help ensure a safer future for women and girls in the Faisalabad District.


2018 | Indonesia | 2018-2084
Grant Amount: $7,500

Less than 10% of cow farmers in Northern Bandung, Indonesia are utilizing bio-digester technology to process cow dung. The remaining waste is disposed of in nearby streams and surrounding land, which contributes to river pollution and jeopardizes community health. Jentera Desa will train 70 housewives of cow farmers to process livestock waste that will be used as biogas for cooking, producing catfish and duck feed (snails, maggots and worms), and liquid fertilizer to grow hydroponic vegetables. A working group will also be established to give women the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and explore new ways to strengthen their role in the community. Through VGIF’s support, this project will empower women and girls to manage livestock waste to increase household incomes, decrease household energy expenses, and raise awareness on issues surrounding climate change.

Communities First – Creative Initiatives for Development, Inc.

2018 | Philippines | 2018-1647
Grant Amount: $7,500

In the Philippines, misinformation surrounding breast feeding is often spread through corporate campaigns that promote formula milk brands. In order to increase knowledge about the benefits of breast feeding, TraNSCEnd Hunger will provide intensive training for 20 nutritional scholars and counselors to help end infant hunger and malnutrition in the City of Sipalay. During the project, a proposal will be crafted and presented to the City of Sipalay with the purpose of passing a resolution to adopt this project as a priority program that will continue to achieve bigger goals within the community. With VGIF’s support, this project will equip community health workers to better support the needs of new mothers, raise awareness among the wider community, and provide a template for future work on ending infant hunger and malnutrition.

The Feminist Initiatives Foundation

2018 | Georgia | 2018-2263
Grant Amount: $5,500

There are approximately 20,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) residing in Gori, Georgia. These particular women and girls face a host of challenges, but one of the most pressing is their inability to secure employment in a country that already has a very high unemployment rate. The Feminist Initiatives Foundation will assist 100 IDP women and girls to develop essential employability skills such as writing a CV, cover letter and interviewing. Participants will also be supported with vocational skills training in sewing and embroidery, as well as assistance with creating professional business plans to launch their products on the market. With VGIF funding, this project will promote sustainable economic development of IDPs in Gori and strengthen their ability to become financially independent.

Sokal Rayon Association for People with Disabilities

2018 | Ukraine | 2018-2232
Grant Amount: $4,779

In the Sokal District of Ukraine, women and girls living with disabilities are often isolated, not only by the community, but also by their dependence on caregivers. Sokal Rayon Association for People with Disabilities will train 15 women in beading and candle-making so they can increase their monthly incomes. 20 women with disabilities will participate in training centered on women’s rights and independent living, and 15 women will be trained to become stronger advocates for women’s rights. Through VGIF’s support, this project will provide opportunities for women with disabilities to raise their incomes to lead more independent lives, and will also contribute to an inclusive movement for gender equality led by individuals living with disabilities.

Try Center for Training and Education

2018 | Jordan | 2018-2239
Grant Amount: $7,250

Sexual education in Jordan consists of a very basic and scientific approach to male/female anatomy in biology class. In order to provide young girls with more comprehensive information about their bodies and rights, Try Center for Training and Education will equip 30 teachers from Jordanian and refugee schools and 1,000 female students (aged 11-14) with knowledge on sex education and gender-based violence. They will also hold 3 local campaigns aimed at preventing online violence, empowering parents to talk openly about sex with their children, and increasing overall community knowledge on reproductive health and violence. With support from VGIF, this project will incorporate sexual education programs as a strategy to protect girls from gender-based and sexual violence.

Comunicadoras Y Comunicadoras Populares Por La Autonomia (COMPPA)

2018 | Honduras | 2018-2406
Grant Amount: $7,500                                                                                                       

In Honduras, violations of women’s rights are perpetuated by a strong ‘machismo’ culture and an influx of hydroelectric and mining companies that continue to ignore and violate indigenous rights. Comunicadores Y Comunicadoras Populares Por La Autonomia (COMPPA) will increase women’s participation and leadership in community radio and broaden the dissemination of information on issues faced by indigenous, campesina and Garifuna women through workshops, publications, and trainings in public radio. With help from VGIF, this project will empower 15 women and girls in their promotion of women’s rights by reaching over 200 communities in the Lenca territory with their broadcasting.